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Fort Lauderdale’s Multi-Sensory Mural Experience

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“More than 150 volunteers, including community members who are blind or visually impaired, gathered at Lighthouse of Broward County on Monday, January 15th to participate in Mockingbird Trail’s interactive mural painting curated by local Unconventional artist, Ernesto Maranje. The multi-sensory and socially impactful event was funded by the Community Foundation of Broward’s Art of Community grant and in part of Broward College’s MLK Day of Service.

The multi-sensory mural, which is located at the Lighthouse of Broward (650 N. Andrews Avenue) on the Mockingbird Trail, brings a new experience to how one interacts with art. Through sight, touch, sound and smell, the visitor encounters and feels the Mockingbird’s habitat through a sensory experience designed by Cadence.

The mural called Main Course was completed in partnership with Cadence, Unconventional, Lighthouse of Broward, be nice, The Community Foundation of Broward, Broward College – Downtown Center, and the BBX Capital Corporation Foundation.”

For more information on Mockingbird Trail, please visit http://www.mockingbirdtrail.com.

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