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Odd Breed Wild Ales + Hot & Soul Pop-Up

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Our friends at Hot & Soul are bringing the goods and Odd Breed Wild Ales are bringing the beer! Don’t miss the next Hot & Soul Pop-Up on Saturday, April 28th from 12 PM to 10 PM at Odd Breed Wild Ales in Pompano Beach. The menu will be as follows:

1. Cold lo mein salad, marinated mushrooms, pickled vegetables, peanut-kafir lime dressing

2. Guajillo Pork and potato empanadas, roasted jalapeño chimichurri

3. West Indies chicken curry, coconut rice, and peas

4. Cactus and mushroom quesadilla, tomatillo salsa, avocado

5. Thai Sausage, sticky rice, green papaya salad

6. Toasted coconut jasmine rice pudding, tropical fruits

Pair these delicious dishes with one (or several) of Odd Breed Wild beers and you’re in for a treat!

Event details here:

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