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ORA Flagler Village Presents: BRIGHT LIFE

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ORA Flagler Village invites you to a fully immersive Instagram-worthy art installation. Move through nine unique exhibits that stretch your imagination and highlight the brighter side of life!

On Saturday, September 29th, 2018 during Fort Lauderdale’s monthly Artwalk, ORA Flagler Village will bright you, “The Bright Life.” The Bright Life features 9 unique photo ops including:

+ The Neon Dessert complete with a 5,000 piece String Art Installation by Light up the Night

+ Live Art by local artist and muralist, Stephanie Melissa

+ Cotton Candy Land serving up larger than life cotton candy sculptures and Signature Cocktail Pop-Up by Apothecary 330 featuring LaCroix Sparkling Water

+ Secret Photo Booth room complete with Selfie Station and Confetti Cannons

+ Virtual Reality Graffiti Wall where you can leave your mark in Neon Light

Plus bubbles, balloons, flamingos, beach balls, laser lights, mermaids, and so much more!

Admission is free and all are welcome. The confetti cannons are loaded, and the selfie lighting is set…all that’s missing is you.


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