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Next Door at C&I: Sip N’ Carve

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It’s October which means pumpkins, pumpkins, and more pumpkins.

This season is full of family-friendly pumpkin patches and cute events for the kids… Sorry to burst your bubble but this event is anything but that! (Sorry, not sorry).

• Saturday, October 20th, 2018 at 6 PM •

At Next Door, they’re celebrating the season the best way they know how with their 21+ event, Sip N’ Carve. Nothing but good friends, great booze, classic pumpkin carving, and yes, no kids.

If the pumpkins and drinks weren’t enough, they’ll be having local artists Gregory Dirr, Serafima Sokolov, and Ashleigh Bremser painting and carving pumpkins live during the event, fall-themed photo area, and DJ Tonx has all the best mixes to keep this party going. Plus, barkeepers are ready for all your adult beverage needs. Make sure to ask them about their October beers, Due South Oktoberfest and Wells Banana Bread!
Tickets are $15 each which include 1 pumpkin, carving tools, and 1 free beer! Not into pumpkin carving? Come party and enjoy the music, live art, and bar with us anyways.

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