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#ExperienceAmazing with JM Lexus Plus

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For years now, I have been navigating the South Florida landscape, chasing sunrises and discovering the best our communities have to offer. Supporting local businesses is essential to me so when searching where to get my next vehicle, I looked no further than to partner with JM Lexus. Simply Google, “JM Lexus,” and you’ll see thousands, literally thousands, of reviews from real consumers telling their 5-star experiences with the dealership. For 30 years, JM Lexus continues to be an industry leader and innovator, raising the bar by delivering a smoother, faster, and more streamlined car buying experience. As one of only 13 select Lexus Plus dealers in the country (and the only Lexus Plus dealership in the southeastern U.S!), JM Lexus offers an innovative, customer-driven purchase and service process. They have successfully made buying a luxury vehicle a more luxurious experience for customers with transparency, understanding, and exceptional hospitality. 

I’ll be frank for a moment and say the initial thought of having to navigate the muddy waters of getting a new car seemed daunting and a bit out-of-my-league. Also, a majority of people out there believe being at a dealership all day is not what they would call the most enjoyable experience, am I right? I have always thought, “there must be a better way.” Then, as if by some divine intervention, I found out about JM Lexus’ unique Lexus Plus Experience.

You may ask yourself, “Diana, what is the JM Lexus Plus Experience?” Lexus Plus is a new, refreshingly straightforward, and simplified process that launched in select dealerships across the nation in 2016. It is the next chapter of Lexus’ continuous commitment to an elevated luxury dealership experience. When you walk into the JM Lexus Plus dealership, you won’t find a suggested price, a starting price, or even an MSRP. You’ll only see one price — a fair, transparent, and straightforward price on everything. At JM Lexus, they continually track local prices, market conditions, and even apply current incentives ahead of time. Aspiring to bring you competitive prices all before you even walk through the door. Customers no longer pay dealer fees, and as a part of the Lexus Plus adoption, the dealership aims to shorten the purchasing process to only two hours! (That is definitely something to do a happy dance for.)

JM Lexus Plus Experience got us feelin’ like:

There are two key features:

One Price – Lexus Plus dealers will provide fair, market-value prices for every offering available for purchase at a dealership. This transparent pricing approach includes new and pre-owned vehicles, service packages, accessories, and more.

One Point of Contact – As a guest, you’ll have one associate throughout every sales and service experience — from the initial introduction through the delivery. Their goal is not to sell you anything, but rather to help you in any way they can. Always on your terms and timeline.

  • Lexus Plus is an experience crafted around you. This means having one point of contact by your side helps make the process simple, with your schedule in mind. You make the calls, and they assist. It’s that smooth. From product and pricing information to trade-in offers, and final paperwork. No awkward handoffs. No waiting while they check with a manager. And, of course, no pressure!
  • The dedicated consultant ideology carries over into the service department. Customers will again have a single contact that they work with for all of their service activities — a certified expert that is familiar with their specific vehicle and needs. 


With the JM Lexus Plus difference, every dealership process will be simplified, more straightforward, and reflective of an authentic customer-driven experience. Each guest can purchase or lease their vehicle for an honest price without having to negotiate or work with multiple associates. With a single point of contact, the vehicle service experience will be precise and effortless. Adding to the already extraordinary perks of being a part of the JM family, you’re matched with the unparalleled service and commitment that only comes with the JM Lexus name. 

#ExperienceAmazing with the only Lexus Plus dealer in the southeast! Visit in person at 5350 W. Sample Rd., Margate, FL 33073 or visit them online at http://bit.ly/JMLexus.

Follow JM Lexus on Instagram at @JMLexusFL!

Photos by Kaela Roffman for JM Lexus.
Wardrobe and styling by Marisa Folz of The Wander Shop.
Videography by Kristin Ondocsin of Skinny Intern.
Hair and Makeup by Luxe Style Bar.


Sam October 2, 2019 Reply

You girls look like you’re having fun!

David October 2, 2019 Reply

You truly captured the Lexus Plus Experience 👌🏻

Markus Landu March 24, 2020 Reply

I really like how you wrote about #ExperienceAmazing
with JM Lexus Plus.

Enjoy! 🙂

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