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Diana is a Massachusetts transplant living and thriving in Fort Lauderdale, FL. She is a writer, wanderer, photographer, but mostly explorer of South Florida’s best kept and sun-drenched secrets. She loves to experience, and discover everything the area has to offer; from hidden gems to the next big music act, or even the most coveted surfing spots around Fort Lauderdale, FL. Culture is Diana’s sixth sense that needs to be experienced with open eyes, ears, and hearts — as well as welcoming, curious taste buds, ready to discover the infinite flavor pathways that cross this particular corner of the country.

Diana founded the website and the Instagram @Lauderbabe in 2016 as a means to highlight local businesses and people shaking things up in our community. “The ultimate guide to Fort Lauderdale” from a locals perspective. In those 3 years, Diana has gained a loyal following and inspired a new wave of social influencers and local support for the City of Fort Lauderdale. She is incredibly passionate about community growth and seeing Fort Lauderdale flourish in the best way possible.

Connect with Diana on Instagram, Facebook, or email at


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