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A Step Into the Modern

A quick-fire chat with the owner of FlipAtik Mid Century, Adriana Gonzalez on inspiration and how you can design for your own space.

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One way we can seek more extraordinary moments in the ordinary and lean into ideas that express creativity is through the home. Igniting curiosity and creating a home space that feels unique and like you is significant and personal. When it comes to designing your space with intention and finding must-have mid-century modern pieces in Fort Lauderdale – you go to locally loved FlipAtik.

Originally from Ecuador, owner Adriana Gonzalez gathers inspiration from freedom that translates into her selection of thoughtfully curated, carefully restored furniture. “I would say I was raised to make and trust my own decisions and have some freedom, instead of just doing what someone tells me to do. I perform better on a platform that is open to trying new things, vs. doing the same every day,” Adriana tells us.

“I started about 5 years ago. My biggest inspiration was the freedom I would have from not having a boss. I always knew I wanted my own business at some point, so it seemed like the right time for me to try. I was a Mid Century Modern collector myself, then I decided to sell a piece one day and do it as a side hobby/job. I had a corporate job at the time I wanted to leave for a while, so I decided to finally do it!”

When asked who her favorite designers were there’s almost no hesitation. “I have many, but two of them are George Nelson and Herman Miller: minimal with an industrial touch. I love when they add color to their pieces. And I also love Italian Mid Century. I gravitate towards wood pieces with a special “touch”. Maybe a curved leg or a rattan detail. They always have to have that extra “something” for me to buy,” Adriana says. “Everything I sell is original to the Mid Century period. I also have a lot of original Danish Modern pieces. I love credenzas, so you’ll always see those at my shop. I am slightly obsessed with them for some reason. Not good on my back, I wish I liked chairs more [haha] but I do have a lot of chairs and tables as well.”

Stepping into FlipAtik’s new 4500 sq. ft. Studio City Fort Lauderdale space is very much a reflection of Adriana’s eye for a stunning mix of vintage, industrial, and textures that create impact. With this new, expansive space, she’s been able to fill it with authentic ’50s 60’s Danish Modern pieces she’s imported from Denmark. “Like my nieces would say, “I like all the colors in the rainbow!” I mix and match. I don’t follow rules. I buy what I like and then figure out what to do with it.”

When encouraging others on what to look for in designing their own spaces, she gives the following tips:

  • Consider white walls.
  • Don’t try to match everything. Have a little fun. Don’t make it look like a HomeGoods catalog.
  • Check [thrift stores] if they have a discount day (or a senior discount, bring grandma, etc.)
  • Take out drawers to check how the inside looks — broken? bugs?
  • If searching for upholstered pieces, get an idea of a cleaning or upholstery job ahead of time. (This is particularly helpful for FlipAtik as they restore the pieces they sell and any needed refurbishing is done on-site, ensuring that each item is in the utmost condition.)

“I want to continue giving original pieces a second chance to shine in someone’s home. Someone who appreciates not only how furniture used to be built but also having a piece by some of the greatest designers of all time.”

Visit FlipAtik in-person at 1226 NE 8th Ave #4, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304 or online at

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